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  • Together Everyone Achieves More

    Posted on by Heather

    I was so inspired yesterday as I walked out of what was one of the most productive meetings this year. We’re being bombarded with messages of FEAR, whether it’s the report on the economic climate, the political parties of the Province cutting each other down or as I was told a few weeks back by a small thinker – “it’s the worst time to start a business”.  And yet, four of us sat together yesterday for an hour, hashed out a collaborative business arrangement in which all parties benefit, everyone sees the value, and we are all excited at the opportunity to work together. How refreshing!

    There are SO many opportunities for companies to grow and prosper under the current market conditions. Like a forest fire burning off old growth, this market is burning off old mindsets. As a business coach I’m advising clients to:

    1. Streamline their offering

    2. Explore strategic partnerships

    3. Get clear on their niche markets

    4. Put systems in place rather than hire staff

    5. Be clear on their cash position on a daily basis

    This correction of mindset would have never happened without the market getting in to trouble. Companies are now forced to systemize and streamline AND COLLABORATE or they won’t survive. This market, in many ways, is just what business needed. If you’re open to working together – the results will be exponential!

    All the best,

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