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  • Tolerating is still Suffering

    Posted on by Heather

    This concept of tolerating being just another form of suffering was something that my coach brought to my attention about a year ago.  At first glance it seems like an agreeable and somewhat simple idea, but, trust me this is a little deeper than you think. When we think of suffering we usually think of being in pain and correct me if I’m wrong, but, being in pain almost always evokes a change in behaviour, environment, circumstances etc. in order to remove the pain.  (Human beings don’t like to be in pain.) Toleration, however, is another form of suffering, one that doesn’t come in the easily identified ‘pain’ box.  It’s more subtle.  But, it’s still suffering.  I challenge you to take a time out and objectively evaluate your life, at present.  Look at each part – does it excite you, are you enthused, or is there a blah hidden in there somewhere, or, a ‘it doesn’t matter, it’s ok’.  Taking responsibility for your life is a big job.  It requires an honest, raw evaluation of your life and a willingness to make any necessary changes.  We’ve never had more choice in life, so, if any part of yours is not living up to potential – step up and do what needs to be done.  Live the life you imagined – everyday!

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    1. Okay – you just hit awfully close to home for me right now. Enough so that I feel rather sick to my stomach…

      And that’s a good thing – creating that discomfort you mentioned that is often what prompts us to change.

      Thanks my friend! I obviously needed to hear this today.

    2. Heidi,

      Thanks for your comment. In my own experience I have found that when I stay in the ‘comfort zone’ that’s not really serving my growth or evolution – I’m simply holding myself back. When you embrace the discomfort, decide that you’re moving on and take 3rd dimensional action steps – WOW – look out world. I was thrilled to see your comment and that the message was timely – what more could I hope for.


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