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  • Uncomfort Zone

    Posted on by Heather

    I know it’s hard to step out from the place of knowingness and comfort and try something totally new.  That said, there is something equally energizing about taking the action step and going for it.  This past weekend, I managed to gather the courage to do something that both scared and excited me at the same time.  It’s kind of neat to sit back after the fact, realizing firstly that you gave yourself permission to pursue a desire without stressing about others reactions, “what will they think” etc. and secondly relish in how amazing and energized you feel just having taken the action step.  We’ve all hear the cliche before – ‘do something everyday that scares you’ and this is exactly what I’m talking about.  Fear (being scared) as an acronym is FALSE, EXPECTATIONS, ASSUMED, REAL; most of what we fear is an imagined outcome – something that will likely never happen.  Is there a desire that’s been nagging at you?  Something you know you’d really like to try?  Something that kind of scares you but in an exciting way?

    To make the first step easier, find a partner who wants to do it too.  Together you can support each other in poking fun at your active imagination – thinking of all the reasons why not to pursue it – and give one another permission to go for it.  Afterwards, ask yourself if you’ve been energized or drained by the experience.  If you feel drained, it likely wasn’t the right thing for you.  Congratulate yourself for breaking through another terror barrier and move on.  On the contrary, if you’ve been given a boost just by doing whatever it is, if you feel juiced afterwards – well, now you have something else to pursue and perfect as you add it to your activity list.

    Let me know how it goes!

    One Response to Uncomfort Zone

    1. Yet again, one of your posts really hit home for me.
      I love the acronym of fear – because it’s so true: And you have inspired me to really start reevaluating all these false expectations that I sometimes set for myself.


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