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  • Warm Women

    Posted on by Heather

    I’ve recently been in a number of discussions around the subject of women: their behaviour, their attitude, their tones, their words, their demeanor, their beliefs, their values, their comments. What is it with women? As a preacher of embracing your individualism it’s seems like a gross contradiction to write this blog. However, I think the topic desperately needs to be called out and openly discussed. Let me preface by saying there are huge generalizations within this piece, something I desperately try to avoid, so take this for what it is: an opportunity for you, if you’re a woman, to ask yourself what kind of a vibe do you put off when you are in the presence of others, specifically other women?

    Angry, Bitchy, Judging, Shy, Quiet, Loud, Accepting, Forgiving, Curious, Inquisitive, Aggressive, Excited, Chatty, Threatened, Warm, Loving, Rushed, Distracted

    Does it depend on the woman or women you are with? Are you constantly trying to mold yourself depending on who you’re with? What if you’re with women you know well? What if you are in a group of women where you don’t know anyone? What if you’re talking to women who better off financially? What if you’re talking to someone who is overweight? What about a woman’s who’s divorced? What are your reactions to other women?

    Notice your reactions!

    Your reaction to other people is indicative of a lot of different things and it provides clues. Sometimes it’s a clue about how you feel about yourself. Sometimes it’s a clue about your likes, dislikes, values, or beliefs. No matter what, your reaction is HUGE and you should pay attention to it.

    In his book “What Men Don’t tell Women About Business”, author Chris Flett talks about the glaring differences found in gender specific media such as magazines. In the women’s section the titles are indicative of a gender dissatisfied with their life, bodies, relationships, careers etc. Bombarded by these messages is it any wonder that we, as women, are looking outside of ourselves, comparing ourselves to one another, trying to place ourselves in the never ending hierarchy of unhappiness? Enough is enough!!!

    I challenge all women: when you are in the presence of other women find ways to support, nurture, embrace, love and accept one another. By banding together we will enable a synergy that will become unstoppable.

    Be a Warm Woman!

    0 Responses to Warm Women

    1. Hi Heather,
      Thanks for the awewome post!

      I think that you & Chris hit it dead on – women are often dissatisfied with themselves and honestly, it’s often EASIER to look externally, than to look deep inside ourselves to make changes.

      Gina Mollicone-Long has a great quote that I always remember – “You can’t fix your hair by combing the mirror!”

      In other words, when we notice and criticize things about other women, it’s often because those things are issues for us! But we’ll never feel better by trying to fix those other women – we can only work on ourselves.

      So you’re exactly right – we have to notice what we’re reacting to and use that knowledge as the sign posts telling us what we need to look at in ourselves! Why do I react to that? What “limiting beliefs” do I hold about myself?

      Thanks for writing about and BEING an amazing, warm woman!


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