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  • We don’t always know HOW & we don’t always know WHEN

    Posted on by Heather

    The important things to know are WHAT? and WHY?

    For example this past weekend I was beyond excited when my new kitchen table arrived (Thanks Mum!!). I have been working towards this manifestation for quite a while now. On various occasions I got caught up in the how and when only to be reminded that these were the wrong questions to be asking, since I didn’t know the answer. Therefore every time I asked when or how, it was easy to slip down the slope of “I don’t know” and then in to a feeling of doubt and worry as my mind grasped for answers that weren’t there. Instead when I stayed focussed on what and why, I could go on for hours answering those questions happily in my mind. These questions kept me in a creative space, easily generating ideas and answers that kept me feeling excited, enthusiastic, and creative. My mind would dance from one thought to the next, like a skipping rock along a smooth water surface.

    Why do I want a kitchen table…

    Because I want to be more conscious and intentional around eating time.
    Because I want to invite friends and family over to enjoy meals together.
    Because I want to have meaningful conversations with my other half after our long days apart.
    Because I want to create more of a ‘homey’ feeling in my apartment.
    Because I want to stare out at the view of the ocean and mountains when I’m eating.
    Because I want a place at home to do my morning pages (and other writing) when I wake up in the morning as I enjoy the first moments of the day.

    I could really go on and on – but I think you get the picture:)

    Are you stuck worrying about how things are going to unfold? How you’ll reach your goal? How you’ll fix a problem? Or what about when? When will things be the way you want?

    Let me make a suggestion. Instead of asking your mind questions it doesn’t know the answer to – try a different approach.

    Get more and more clear and specific about WHAT it is that you are wanting or desiring.

    Then ask about why?

    I bet you’ll be pleased with the difference in the answers you get and even more so in the way you feel. I know I was.

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