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  • We’re One But We’re Not The Same

    Posted on by Heather

    There is an amazing connection, a correlation, an intense synergy between the divine and our 3rd dimension. As a newbie in Spirituality I still find myself in awe and wonder when I invite the messages from another dimension to land firmly and profoundly on my heart.

    I’m taking a Spiritual development course that just so happens to start tonight.Tonight I’m giving a talk on Personal Branding. As part of my homework for the course I am to practice walking meditation. As part of my ritual in preparation for a talk, I went for a walk. In my pragmatic left brain – I was killing two birds with one stone. In my creative right brain, my heart and my soul – I was inviting the divine.

    The result: a leaf & a profound message

    As I walked and brought attention to my breath, consciousness to the sounds, feeling to my feet, I felt that connection that comes over you as you become aware of your presence. I felt the need to look up to the sky and there on it’s way toward me, from high above, floated a leaf that landed in the palm of my hand. I giggled to myself as I recognized the beauty in what had just occurred and I kept walking.

    Very soon after I heard a voice drawing my attention once again to the leaf I was carrying. And then to the hundreds of thousands of similar leaves on the ground beneath my feet. (It’s fall here in Vancouver) And within that same moment I recalled the message I plan to deliver tonight: you-niqueness. Isn’t it interesting said the voice, that from far away, at first glance, all these leaves seem the same, and yet if you look closely – they are all different…

    So of course I couldn’t help the human side of me that needed to kneel down to the ground, to start collecting a number of the leaves and comparing them. Sure enough – not one of them was the same. From my 5foot + view while standing it was hard to notice, but as I peered carefully, placing them side by side, there was no denying their uniqueness – each one was distinctly different.

    Imagine, said the voice, as I again began to walk, if these leaves ceased to exist, simply because they looked similar to all the rest. Imagine if they thought, oh never mind, look at all the other leaves here, we all look the same, there’s no point, there’s no room for me. Imagine if leaves, like raindrops, and snowflakes, waves and sand dunes, gave up because of their surface similarity – what would our world look like?

    You see, us humans are part of the same nature that creates everything we see and experience on this planet. And although we can, at the surface, appear so similar that it might raise the thought “why bother?”, the true essence of each one of us, is so diverse, so unique, so distinctively beautiful, amazing, profound – we like the leaves must continue on.

    Somewhere along the walk, the leaf fell from my hand. I didn’t try to hang on or run back to get it. Our exchange felt complete. But as I crossed the street to re-enter my apartment building, another smaller leaf fell from above and landed right in my palm – again! As I unlocked the front door, I again heard the voice, this time quoting U2…

    We are one, but we’re not the same.

    One Response to We’re One But We’re Not The Same

    1. I love this path you are walking down….I have been doing some deeeeeeep soul searching over the last year or so and have found that this has totally readjusted how I look at …well everything. I am a calmer and less frustrated person. From finding inspiration in all the women I meet and NOT being envious but instead inspired….too evaluating and adjusting how I feel about me and place in the world.

      I am a different person from a few years ago…the same…the story is the same….but what I do with that story is a lot different.

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts and being an inspiration.

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