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  • What gets you out of bed?

    Posted on by Heather

    I was recently asked ‘what get’s you out of bed’? It was a great question, something that threw me into deep contemplation. Four or five years ago I would have spoken with great passion and detail about the goals for my life. But since then my studies have gone beneath the somewhat emptiness of my human life as I’ve explored a deeper world.

    I admit that when I first read about the illusion of my life, I felt great sadness and despair. (And sometimes I still do.) Why bother, I would think? What’s the point in having goals, dreams, aspirations? None of it matters.

    What I’ve realized since then is that in saying: “none of it matters” I must acknowledge the equal and opposite: “it all matters”. The world of form is a world of duality, where if you can see one side, you know there is the other.

    Meditation has been the method that I’ve used to connect to the space that falls beyond the words, descriptions, definitions and explanations. It is a practice that has offered me tremendous inner peace and has awoken my awareness to know the witness within, that is simply observing the unfolding of it all.

    Ironically, it’s been the trials and tribulations of my life that have propelled me to my method and therefore it’s been my suffering that has become the portal to bliss.

    What I’m learning is that in the places where there is suffering, there is grace, another example of the duality. As I explore the darkness in my life I always arrive at the same conclusion: it’s not real. It’s a place where my mind is still stuck. And therefore it’s an opportunity to go beyond it. And beyond the mind is bliss.

    But I need my humanness to go to the place where my fear, anxiety, worry and apprehension lives. I need courage in order to walk right off the edge… because it’s only then, in that moment, that I experience the awareness that there was never anything to fear. I need my humanness to begin to experience my divinity.

    What get’s me out of bed? I have no idea. But there is something that got me up today and I have a feeling that something will be there tomorrow too.

    What gets you out of bed?

    One Response to What gets you out of bed?

    1. My cat + my toddler jumping on top of me simultaneously … :)) In all seriousness, it’s those goals… the goals of making this world a better place, by bettering myself (!), by learning every day, by enjoying/experiencing all the *human pleasures* that were given to us, here in this dimension. xo

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