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  • What Have You Done For You Lately?

    Posted on by admin

    beautiful placeHey there you hard working soulful go-getter. Yeah you. I have a quick question.

    When was the last time you did something just for you?

    I struggle with this one, for a couple reasons. One, I’m a giver. It feels so good to give and so I often think, well isn’t that for me? And then there’s the whole, well I did that for me (bought a new bed, espresso machine and couch – yes, it’s the year of the nest upgrades, yay!), wasn’t that all for me?

    And like the slippery slope of our paradoxical life, the answer is: yes/no.

    But, I do think there is a way to answer a definitive yes to the above question. And it has something to do with aloneness. There is a very real and somewhat overwhelming feeling when  you are alone. When no one is there, other than you, to witness you. It’s sacred. It’s visceral. It’s life affirming. And though others may benefit by the work you do in that space and time, only you will know for sure, the depth of those moments.

    When you are alone, you start to separate your voice from all the other voices in your life. You hear the drumming of your inner rhythm. You remember your sacred nature.

    Find a beautiful place where you can get lost and I bet you’ll come home more fully found.



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