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  • What I found when I went Easter Egg Hunting

    Posted on by Heather

    Steffani Cameron’s blog post entitled:

    Not For You: Undoing the Undoings, And Writing

    I discovered this blog by way of my xmas holiday induced Twitter addiction, where I spend hours each day checking out cool peeps on the net who are intriguing to me. Let’s call it R & D. What I’m looking for is Easter Eggs. Delicious, yummy in my tummy kind of stuff that is found amongst the similarly looking pebbles that are always scattered throughout the garden, whenever one goes hunting for Easter Eggs. In case my analogy didn’t work, I’m on the lookout for genius, thought provoking, energy enhancing colleagues who write and share stuff on the net that ultimately makes me feel really, really good. (Kinda like chocolate).

    So, back to Steff and her blog…

    In a word: profound

    Her blog is bluntly honest – just what I like, bluntly authentic – also love that, and bluntly blunt – now this inspires me. WARNING to my readers, Steff writes like I speak, with a lot of enthusiastic and ‘point making’ profanity, so if you’re easily offended, you might want to skip this one. Otherwise – blaze on and check her work out – she’s a talented writer, and if you’re like me, she’ll get you thinking which is always a good thing.

    Hover over this line with your cursor & click on it to be taken to Steff’s blog.

    So what did I get to thinking you ask? Simply, I want to be profound. Even though I do want to post blog’s that “fill you with happy fuzzy thoughts about the world at large, or self-help guru shit” something Steff vows not to do, I want to do it in a profound way. I want to do it in an honest, authentic and blunt (not rude, just to the point) kind of way. A way that gets you thinking. Kinda like the way she got me thinking.

    Question: How do I write profoundly?

    Answer: Writing really good stuff requires more than the “OMG hold on, I’m being inspired and I have to go write” fleeting moments. It requires the discipline to set up a routine of creation. (I made that term up, but what I mean is, if you want to create profound blog posts, you need to set up a routine, for where and when you write (create)). In Steff’s words “instead of thinking a thought, write it”. The only difference between thinking profoundly, speaking profoundly (2 things I’ve been told I do) and writing profoundly is to write it. Right!

    Ok, so here I go. Public declaration – the ultimate accountability partner. I’m going to set up a routine of creation. I’m not really sure how that’s going to look just yet, but, what I do promise is that I’ll post it up just as soon as I do. I think Steff is on to something here and I’m excited to go along for the ride.

    Stay tuned, coming up:

    Profound (hopefully!)

    Happy Hunting!

    One Response to What I found when I went Easter Egg Hunting

    1. I am with you Heather. Writing every day as Steff suggests is what my new goal is going to be. I love writing and feel stuck when I don’t so here goes.

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