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  • When Forrest Gump, The Canucks & The Secret Intersected

    Posted on by Heather

    In 2007 I was well on my way down the path of personal development. I had spent a year studying with Bob Proctor in his Coaching/Consulting course, discovered the 5 years in my dark, ground level apartment did have a purpose, came to the realization that I hated my job and wanted out, AND had just fallen in love with the movie The Secret and was activating the Law of Attraction in BIG ways.

    I know there was a lot of controversy over the movie The Secret and I too agree that if taken too literally one could conclude that it was a load of bologna BUT, in my case that movie really did change my life.

    The movie The Secret reconnected me with faith. My ability to believe what I couldn’t see.

    Growing up I was very resistant to religion. Simply put, religion made me feel bad. I felt as though there was some larger than life entity that was watching me skip school, smoke cigarettes, make out with boys in the park (and all kinds of other shit I shouldn’t have been doing), and I basically chalked ‘God’ up to being another parent. And since I already had 3 of those – I know, luck me eh?, I really didn’t appreciate a 4th that I couldn’t even see, judging me from above. So I threw the baby out with the bathwater and concluded there was no higher power.

    So it was a bit of a shock to me when I was down and out, in total despair in my life, ready to throw in the towel (at 23 yrs. old) that the higher power returned.

    Now the Higher Power, God, the Universe, or whatever term you choose to use is some ridiculously smart shit. Because it didn’t show up in my life by way of the old paradigm of Church on Sunday – it knew I wouldn’t cave to that, so instead it came in the form of a movie called The Secret.

    There are no words that I can find to articulate the feeling that came over me as I watched the movie so I won’t even try, but, suffice to say, me + that Higher power, have been on a hellova ride ever since.

    But in the early days, I have to admit – I tried to test the power…

    That particular year, 2007, the Vancouver Canucks were playing Dallas in the Stanley Cup playoffs and after a long series battle we were off to a game 7 in Vancouver & I wanted to go – big time.

    But, logistics were in the way: couldn’t afford to buy a ticket to go…..but could I attract tickets….?

    At 4:30pm of game day I heard on the radio that a pub downtown was giving away 2 tickets, a limo ride to and from, jerseys and all the beer you could get down at the game….YES! I’m in. Challenge being they were doing the draw for the tickets at 5pm – had to move fast!

    So I quickly changed out of my biz attire, jumped in a cab to head downtown to of course, WIN the tickets.

    2 minutes in to the cab ride we were in total gridlock in the middle of the Granville Street bridge. SHIT.

    I leaned in to the cab driver and said, I know this is totally rude, but here’s a $20, I’m going to jump out here because I have a deadline and if I stay in this cab – I’m going to miss it…

    Out of the cab, on to the sidewalk, and sprinting full tilt over the bridge and down Granville St.

    This is when someone yelled out “Run Forrest Run!” Haha!

    I know, you’re dying to know – so I’ll keep it short & sweet.

    Sweating profusely I blasted in to the packed bar with about 10 minutes to spare. Chugged 2 back to back beers (you had to buy & drink your beer to enter your name in the draw) and WON the tickets!!

    Yes, it’s true. Out of the hundred or so people in the bar, many who had multiple entries in the draw and had been drinking there all afternoon, my name was drawn & I’d only been there for 10 minutes.

    Now this story wasn’t a brag fest about how I won tickets to Game 7, rode door to door via a limo, won 2 jerseys and had lots of beer at the Game.

    It’s about faith. The idea that there is power in believing what you cannot see. So much power in fact that from time to time your faith transcends and becomes real, 3D, right there in front of your eyes.

    This post is to express my gratitude to my higher power for not giving up on me. For finding a way to get through to my cynical, analytical, logical brain and super strong ego and reconnect so we could get on with our life’s work.

    And to remind anyone reading this that life can be magical, and amazingly wonderful things do happen when you believe what you can’t see, trust, take guided action and receive all that life has to offer.

    And not to worry, if you’re somewhere near my 23 year old paradigm re: higher power….remember what Oscar Wilde said:
    “Scepticism is the beginning of Faith.”

    Go Nucks!!

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