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  • When You’re Called, You’re Called….

    Posted on by Heather

    I was recently listening to an interview with a thought leader who I respect very much. So much of what she says resonates deep within the core of my essence. Concepts of you-niqueness, blazing your trail, creating art and using the emotions, or feelings to guide your actions – all spot on for me!

    This particular day, however, she said something else that created a trigger; something that ruffled my feathers. She spoke about being tired of Life Coaches in their 20’s coaching people in their 40’s.

    I can see her point if we’re talking about linear life experience and progression, since at 20, you certainly have not faced certain things that an additional 20 years has seen. I can see her point if you’re claiming to have knowledge that you don’t, or are claiming to help in areas that you can’t. I can see her point if we consider this lifetime to be the only experience from which we draw, but of course I don’t believe that. I believe in the karmic wheel, past lives and the never ending journey of the soul. I believe in our ability to connect with the wisdom of the cosmos and directly with consciousness; with source.

    In addition, we never know how long we’re here in this lifetime and I for one will not accept imposed belief systems about the ‘right’ age or ‘wrong’ age at which you’re ‘ready’ to share your knowledge, your wisdom, your experience etc.

    When you’re called, you’re called….

    And we’ve all been called.

    Let go of any restriction, any imposed belief you have about being ‘ready’. Because you were born ready.

    2 Responses to When You’re Called, You’re Called….

    1. Oh, Heather, I agree with you! This topic is hot personally for me for the last 10 years! What about babies? Even they can be an amazing source of wisdom… if we are open to listen….

      I remember one 50+ year old lady told me that she wanted to learn from young people – those who were able to discover something she hadn’t; those who dare to challenge circumstances instead of following the current; those who have the wisdom she didn’t have.

    2. Absolutely! We can all learn form each other. But that requires open hearts and minds. I too see an incredible amount of wisdom in little ones. They are present and pure. Thanks for your comment.

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