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  • Where’s your safe place?

    Posted on by Heather

    Last night we had a get together of fabulous women involving 3 important themes: goals, wine and food – now how much better does it get?

    Check out Amanda Seller’s awesome blog ‘Tomboy that Wears Makeup’ for her recap of the event with some super duper photos that captured some of the fun.

    Not unlike many gatherings of women that I’ve been to in the past there was definitely an elephant in the room. (And no it wasn’t the unpredictable cat-hehe). And it wasn’t the judgemental, cliquy, walking on eggshells kind of elephant either – thank god for that! No, instead the elephant in the room was simply an air of safety. It was a feeling that each and everyone of us had, one that reassured us that even though we were amongst strangers, (many of us had never met) we were safe. Safe to share our secrets, share our dreams, goals and aspirations, safe to share our fears and vulnerabilities. One gal went above and beyond and sang us all a beautiful song while playing her ukulele. (Big time out of her comfort zone).

    The whole evening reminded me that even the most ambitious and accomplished people in the world are still human. And as much as we are so beautifully individual, that human connection is one that unites us all, and allows for beautiful synergies of growth and development.

    It also reminded me that in order for human beings to be open, honest, and willing to share, out loud, their innermost thoughts and feelings – they have to feel safe.

    I was humbled to come together with such an amazing group of women last night and create an open and safe environment for each of us to be vulnerable, to share, to learn and to grow.

    If you’re looking to supercharge your personal development and growth – make sure you too have somewhere safe to go and to share. It makes a huge difference! Check out Brene Brown’s TEDtalk: The Power of Vulnerability for more insight in to this topic.

    2 Responses to Where’s your safe place?

    1. Krystal Gabriel says:

      This post really resonated with me, thanks for sharing! I think it’s amazing when you find like-minded individuals to connect with and to share your creative and audacious dreams for the future with. Why keep them in right? Let the world know your here to positively influence it! Wine helps too ūüôā

    2. Thanks Krystal! Yes, wine definitely helps:)

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