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  • Who are you hanging with?

    Posted on by Heather

    It’s more important than ever these days to take stock of who you are spending your time with? Are you hanging around with positive opportunists or negative nellies who are running around screaming the sky is falling. Are your conversations filled with hope and excitement or doom and gloom? Does your social environment challenge and uplift you or defeat and threaten you?

    Trust me when I tell you that whether you want to acknowledge it or not, the people you are spending time with are influencing every part of your life. The way you think, the way you feel, the actions you do or don’t take – all are being shaped by the environment you are surrounding yourself with.

    If the people in your life are not serving you, start the weening off process sooner than later – don’t put it off. You don’t have to be harsh or mean, you don’t even have to tell them, just stop going as often and don’t stay as long. Start looking around for those who you want to be like, or whom have things you admire or personalities you’d like to emulate. Start finding ways to hang out more with those who will assist you in growth and development. 

    This is the easiest, cheapest thing you can do right now to make sure you not only survive the so-called tough times, but, thrive!

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