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  • Who's the boss?

    Posted on by Heather

    Entrepreneur Mind

    Ahh, entrepreneurism….isn’t it great?!?!

    If you’re like most entrepreneurs, you started a business so you could be the boss, so you could be FREE – am I right? You could work from home, check your email in your underwear, have a beer while you wrote a proposal or jam a days worth of work into a few hours so you could hit the beach. But let’s be real. You’ve probably never worked more hours than ever before, since you likely don’t have any system of tracking. You eat, breathe and sleep your work, thinking about it nearly 24/7. You feel like you ‘can’t’ take time off because you’re barely scraping by. You eat your meals next to your laptop and you live in constant fear and panic. Fear of missing opportunities, fear of losing it all, fear of failure, fear of letting your friends, family and yourself down. So, why’d you start this business again?

    Today, I challenge you to take a breath, take the day off, shut your laptop, walk away from your desk. Don’t read, don’t write, don’t even talk. (I would suggest don’t think, but, even I don’t really know how to make this a reality.) Today, reconnect. Reconnect with your body (Gerrianne Clare, an amazing Life Coach has a great blog and online community that gives you in the moment tools to reconnect.  Check her out here: Moment-Is)  Reconnect with your spirit, your passion, for your business, for your life.  Reconnect with your whole mind, not just your manic left brain analytical side.

    Even an hour away from everything (completely shut off) will allow you the much needed space to regain perspective and reconnect with your passion for your business.

    Remember, YOU’RE THE BOSS!

    Enjoy your day!


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