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  • Who's Winning? The Visionary vs. The Critic

    Posted on by Heather

    On my desk I have a small plaque that reads “Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new” and it’s so true.  Earlier this week, I was talking with my business partner about the two “mindsets” that seem to reside in every individual.  Firstly, there’s the visionary.  That’s the voice, that when you were a kid, told you that you could be anything that you desired: astronaut, doctor, lawyer, actor, singer. It’s the part of you that believes anything’s possible, doesn’t take no for an answer and flies in the face of the fear of rejection.

    What seems to happen as we get older is the voice of the visionary becomes quieter and another voice booms dominantly in our minds.  This is the voice of the critic.  The critic is the part of you that is paralyzed by the fear of rejection.  It’s the voice that has  all the excuses about why you can’t or shouldn’t pursue whatever desires you may have.

    Further challenging the softening voice of the visionary is the rest of the world.  What happens when you tell you parents, your peers, you colleagues, your friends about this off the wall new idea you have?  Are they supportive or do they question the “how” in your new plans?  Are they jumping in with ideas and brainstorming all the different ways you could accomplish something or are they quick to see all the reasons why it’s not possible or you shouldn’t pursue it?

    I can’t begin to tell you the number of clients I’ve had that are working hard on pursuing their passion and living their dream only to be challenged by those around them about when they plan to settle down and get a “real job”?  

    This week take some time and listen to your inner voice.  Who’s winning the battle between your ears – the visionary or the critic?  Furthermore, look at your social and familial networks and check the pulse on which voice they are supporting.  After all, the world is your oyster; only you can decide what experience you have while you’re here!



    3 Responses to Who's Winning? The Visionary vs. The Critic

    1. Chris Flett says:


      I absolutely love this. If its okay, I’m going to use it in my next training session. It’s wonderfully insightful.



    2. Nice advice! It is so hard to “live our dreams” in these modern times! Any tips on how to actually do it?

    3. Thanks for your comment! Absolutely!
      1. Know what you want. (This is a lot harder than the statement looks. I think being honest about what our dreams really are, not apologizing, making excuses or playing small when it comes to what our dreams really are. We deserve whatever our heart desires.).
      2. Surround yourself with energy that supports you in progressing towards your dreams. People, information, courses, accountability etc. It’s important to take a conscious approach to this. Don’t sit back and ‘let’ life happen. Sometimes this means letting friends go and other difficult things, but, NOTHING, should come between you and your dreams.
      3. Never stop. What I’ve learned is that goal setting is far less about the achievement and more about the life force energy that comes in to your body, mind and spirit when you are pursuing your dreams. It’s a journey, a progression that is forever moving and dynamic.
      If you have any specific questions – please pop me a line and let’s set up a time to chat.

      Take care,

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