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  • Meditation = Healing & Healing = Miracles

    Posted on by Heather

    I’m often asked “how do you meditate?”. It’s an interesting question since for me meditating has much more to do with being than doing. When I meditate, I move from the role of ‘doer’ to the role of observer. I release the constant ‘thoughting’ (the never ending habitual thoughts that float on and off of the screen of my mind) and embrace the awareness of noticing. I adopt a mantra that says: isn’t that interesting.

    I ask questions and wait patiently to see who or what will show up in the form of an answer.

    I request signs from the etheric realm.

    I offer an energetic emission to the universe.

    I journey to places that offer the insight, awareness and understanding that I crave.

    The result is healing.

    It doesn’t matter if I’m sitting on my mediation pillow, walking in nature, writing in my journal or soaking in an epson salt bath – mediation = healing. And in this context, healing means to restore my health. To me, meditation is spending time being here now,  in the present moment,  in a state of awareness. This time spent restores my natural state of health. As I release the habitual thoughts of worry and stress about the future and the past and as I let down the barriers of protection I’ve built up against the outside world  – I reconnect. I reconnect with my most natural, pure and true self. I emerge with a new and profound perspective. From this natural, healthy state, inspiration comes, creation begins, decisions crystalize and opportunities arise.

    I recently announced that I would be leading guided walking meditations on the beautiful forest paths in Stanley Park. I called this experience: Heart Healing. I called it this because I want to provide a space where we can restore the natural health of our heart, and release from there the most authentic offering of ourselves.

    Healing is reconnecting the umbilical chord that connects you to the source from which divine energy flows.

    From that connection miracles happen, and I don’t know about you, but I like miracles:)

    Here’s to happy, healthy hearts & lots of miracles.

    With love,


    To Register: http://www.eventbrite.com/event/2878227857

    3 Responses to Meditation = Healing & Healing = Miracles

    1. So much energy in this post! Thank you and see you on the 11th day of Feb! xo

    2. Thanks Helen!! Yes – I’m so thrilled you’re joining us:) See you then.

    3. Thanks Helen!! Yes – I’m so thrilled you’re joining us:) See you then.

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