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  • YOU are LOVE

    Posted on by Heather

    When was the last time you did something for the first time?

    When was the last time you felt that surreal, etheric, connected, divine feeling?

    When was the last time you were in the presence of something that you couldn’t explain with words?

    For me: Nicole Bridger Show; EcoFashion Week: Vancouver BC; Oct 2011

    When I got the invite from Vanguard PR (Thanks Kristin!) to attend this show I was on cloud nine. I’ve been to a bridal fashion show, and the odd in-house store fashion show, but I’ve never been to fashion week. It was a funny night because I had just flown in from 2 days in Vegas (so I was kinda fuzzy), had the FWE Mentor night beforehand where I had a hellova time with my chef hat. (Truth be told…I didn’t want a big kink in my hair – I was off to my 1st fashion show after all! Ha!)

    So when the fashion show began and I nearly fell off my seat, it wasn’t because Vegas had finally caught up with me; it was in response to my recognition of the divine intervention that had put me in that seat in the first place. Nothing within the context of my life could provide probable explanation for what was happening.

    Firstly, Nicole Bridger is a manifestation of pure love that just so happens to live right here in Vancouver. Before the ‘show’ started they showed a clip of her describing her inspiration for the collection. When I heard her mention meditation, you bet I was all ears – attention! She went on to speak of how she had asked for a sign, or a symbol to represent the essence of the collection she was about to design. In her meditation she saw an image of a rising sun. In that instant – I knew something was going on. Instantly I felt the presence of my higher self/inner wisdom/angel& spirit guides…this image of the rising sun was indeed a symbol, a sign for me as well.

    Earlier that week, the Monday before I flew off to Vegas in fact, after making what has been the greatest life change in 4 years, I was out on my patio meditating, staring out in anticipation of what I intuitively knew was on it’s way. A personification, a representation of exactly what (I hoped) was happing in my life. As you probably will know (if you’re a regular follower of the blog) that a major chapter of my life had just closed…and there it was, so big and so bright, there was no denying it: it was indeed a new dawn, a new day, a new life for me. (But before I left for Vegas my circumstances weren’t exactly validating this…) So when I heard Nicole utter these words, and I felt that pitter patter in my heart, I knew that this indeed was coming true for me as well.

    Then the show started. Now I have to be honest, I was expecting beautiful, thin, tall women to come in a stream-like fashion, one after the other, down the runway. (Yeah, there’s a big ASS in assumption). So when the show began and an incredible performance of dance, yoga, and yes of course fashion began – my rookie senses were blown away.

    The icing on the cake came after the show. I was checking out Nicole Bridger’s pieces that were showcasing out in the lobby area and I saw her hang tags. Ok, the meditating for a fashion designer caught my attention, the rising sun as a symbolic image made my heart skip a beat, but when I saw this….I KNEW this girl was a soul sister.

    I’m heading over to Nicole’s retail shop tomorrow and I have a feeling there will be more to this story. What  I was reminded by this experience is that spirt works in divine and infinite ways.

    Where in you life is spirit speaking to you?

    What signs/signals or clues are showing up to remind you that you indeed are begin divinely guided?

    Midnight musings….sweet dreams…..

    With love and light,


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