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  • You don’t need anyone’s permission…except yours

    Posted on by Heather

    This is a wonderful and glorious time of year when many people’s spirits are free. People seem to open their minds and hearts around the New Year. They are open to change and opportunity.

    And starting January 1st, we’ll see a slough of good intending life changers embark on new journeys and challenges. They will strive  to curb bad habits, set goals and take new action steps. “Enough is enough” they say to themselves, as they summon the courage and tenacity to face their fears, face their insecurities and take on the challenges that lie ahead with vigour and hope. I commend them. I commend you, if you’re planning some resolutions of your own.

    I would only have on piece of advice:

    ensure, beyond a doubt that your goals/aspirations/intentions/resolutions (or any changes you plan to make as a result of the New Year) are YOURS.

    No ‘should’, no ‘have to’, no ‘guilt’ or ‘shame’ driven changes.

    Instead, get quiet, get clear, get grounded and get excited. Allow your inner voice to sing out all that you wish to accomplish in the coming year.

    Give yourself permission to dream. Dream of all that YOU want. You deserve it. You deserve to live the life of your dreams!

    I wish you a 2011 full of authentic achievement.


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