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  • YOU have the ability to RESPOND – It’s time to take your life by STORM

    Posted on by Heather

    I am a huge advocate for honesty, authenticity and courage. So when the guy in pro-shop told me “he’d had better days” and the server later that night at dinner said “I’d rather not be working” I couldn’t help but notice my reaction. Yes, I admire the fact that they each knew their own truth (something many are ignorant to) and I also recognize their courage in actually admitting it and saying it out loud. But, I also felt slightly frustrated in having to encounter their negative attitudes and energies. So what is it, do I admire their honesty or wish they would keep it to themselves?

    After much thought and contemplation, I recognized what it was that really bothered me: the victim mentality. Yes, I totally appreciate their honesty, and I admire their courage in speaking up, but what I don’t respect is that they stopped there. Having recognized the truth, why not take some responsibility and create the change required so you don’t have to ‘have better days’?

    Now I’m human too, I still get PMS (ITS for you dudes out there), I still feel sorry for myself once in a while and wallow in a good old round of self pity, but, that is not my everyday mentality. And it doesn’t have to be yours either. You deserve better than that. You deserve to feel more joy than suffering, more excitement than boredom, more enthusiasm than grinding, more love than hate – BUT it is up to YOU.

    Kick your inner victim to the curb and get busy miss (or mister) – it’s time for you to take your life by storm!

    Let me ask you….

    1. Do you have an all encompassing purpose that drives you out of bed everyday like a moth to a flame?
    2. Do you have clearly defined, articulated and specific goals that are written down somewhere you see them often?
    3. Is it easy for you to make decisions about how to spend your time?
    4. Can you predict what others would say about you if asked to describe you?
    5. Do you like what they’d say?
    6. Do you feel like you’re making a contribution to your life, your family, your community, the planet?
    7. Do you feel enthusiastic when you wake up in the morning?
    8. Are you someone’s hero, mentor, or rock?
    9. Do you love, respect and appreciate yourself?
    10. If you died tomorrow, did you leave your mark on the world?

    I’m the first to admit, life can feel hard. A lot of it is perception, perspective, and attitude, but, at times it’s just down and dirty hard ass. But life is lessons. We’re at school and we’re here to learn. We’re here to seek to understand, gain that understanding which allows for our evolution, enjoy that moment of peace, and then hit the books again. Don’t give up yet my friend, I have a feeling that the best really is yet to come – graduation day lies ahead:)

    (p.s. at the risk of appearing kinda cheesy (but I can’t help but mention) I am teaching a workshop on Life Design because I really do believe it’s possible for you to design your life so that you can live the dream. Join me on September 15th. Click HERE for the event details.)

    Lots of love and light,


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