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  • Your ability to respond

    Posted on by Heather

    It’s no secret about what’s going on in the economy and there’s no shortage of FEAR based information circulating the major publications.  As business coaches, the Ghost CEO organization has been fielding calls around the globe from frantic business owners and corporations asking how they will keep afloat in these rocky times.  This brings me back to one of life’s fundamental lessons – responsibility.  

    It’s easy right now to buy into the shear terror that exists in the market as we enter the unknown. Predictability is out the window, Wall Street is bleeding money and everyone is looking for answers in all the wrong places.  Breathe!  Back to basics is the best, and easiest way to get your business on course and a sure bet to surviving these tumultuous times.

    If you are panicking right now you can be sure your spastic energy is spilling over into everything you are doing.  Your customers are sensing your fear and it is making them worry too.  Go back to the beginning, when you were thinking about starting the business that you are in today.  The time when you were brainstorming about the markets that would well receive your products or service, the prospects you wanted to meet and educate, the measurement and management tools of your business development. These are still the most important areas of focus for your business.  Answer the below questions, and take responsibility for doing all the fundamental business development tasks that will get you where you want to be.  You can’t take responsibility for the world’s economy, but, you can take responsibility for your attitude (thoughts, feeling and actions), your business development and your customer care.  Relax – this too shall pass.

    1. Who needs what you are selling?  Go back to the drawing board and prospect like mad.

    2. Schedule meetings with anyone who you curiously suspect would want what you are selling.

    3. Leave all your prospects and customers with an impression of increase when you leave them.  With all the bad news going around – give them something to feel good about.

    4. Measure your business development.  (If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.)

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