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  • Your backyard Gold Mine

    Posted on by Heather

    Cold calling – the dreaded term.  I’ve met a hand full of sales professionals over the years that say they love the ‘cold call’, but for every one of them, there is at least a thousand who hate it.  There are a couple of questions to ask yourself if this describes you.  

    1. Do you believe whole heartedly in what you are selling?  

    This is often where there is an issue.  If you don’t believe that the product or service that you are selling is amazing – you have to ask yourself why you are selling it.  You can try to consciously convince yourself that you love or see the value, but, if any part of you (even sub-consciously) is questioning – you will not have success.

    2. Have you exhausted your personal data base?

    You have a gold mine of prospects hidden amongst your personal contacts.  This is by far the easiest place to start when you start building your list of who you are going to educate about what you are offering. You can pretty  much bank on the fact that every contact you have knows another 200 people.  Therefore, if you have 400+ friends on facebook, for example, you’re looking at about 80,000 prospects.  Now, don’t call me Pollyanna too fast, I’m not suggesting that these are all quality connections, but, even if 10% were, we’re talking 8,000 good leads with a personal connection (i.e. warm intro) – start here.

    Happy Selling!

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