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  • Your Words Are Your Wand…Make Magic Accordingly

    Posted on by Heather

    As a student of personal development, I’ve become hyper sensitive to my words. Don’t get me wrong, I’m NOT perfect, but I’m sensitive, conscious and I set my intentions clearly. And I know my friends and family don’t always appreciate my sticklerness (I know that’s not a word, but it makes my point) on this topic, but I do it because I love and care about them so much and I want the best for them in their life.

    Are you making magic or misery?

    We’re creatures of habit, no secret there and the words we say are no exception. The danger here is that when you slip in to saying things over and over again you want to make certain that what you’re describing is what you really want.

    I started copying a phrase a few years ago that I found catchy and better than the the typical, common responses. In response to being asked “how are you?” I would respond with…

    any better I couldn’t stand it!

    This response definitely accomplished the result I wanted as it related to being different and creating a conversation. But, what about the words that I was actually saying…

    If things were any better, I couldn’t stand it!

    That’s a pretty powerful statement. And I’m sure you can see that by saying that I was subconsciously saying…don’t give me anything better than what I have right now, because I won’t be able to handle it.

    Whoa! That is NOT what I meant.

    I don’t tell you this to throw you in to a panic, but instead just to gently remind you that your words are powerful. They carry an energy and as quantum physics teaches, putting those words ‘out there’ in to ‘space’ indeed plants a seed in to the universal garden.

    Start to pay careful attention to what you’re saying over the next few days? Find out if you’re making magic and if you’re not, drop your misery wand and start afresh.

    2 Responses to Your Words Are Your Wand…Make Magic Accordingly

    1. In Russian we have a weird expression of surprise. If to translate it word-by-word, it is “nothing is for me” – weird response to express ‘wow’, isn’t it? I have no idea why people say that. Yet looking at Russia as a whole, majority of people don’t have much in terms of happiness, wealth and health.

    2. That’s so interesting. It’s important to note that even MORE important than the words is the energy behind them. Forgot to mention that in the post. Thanks as always for your comment:)

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