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  • Zero Limits

    Posted on by Heather

    I read a book (Zero Limits) a few months ago and it changed the way I live my life.  Recently, the title of the book started bouncing around in my head, a lot, and I’ve been thinking…

    One thing that really gets me fired up is this concept of “can’t”.  I have clients sit in my office everyday and tell me what they want. We then work diligently to develop and deploy a plan of action to bring their desire to their third dimensional reality. Manifest destiny!  So, this brings me back to “can’t”- I just don’t really believe in it.  However, in the past few months this topic of ‘economic climate’ has seemed to take a hold on the minds of humanity.  Now, I’m not one to dispute circumstances, but, circumstances are only minor challenges that require a change, development or innovation in regards to approach, but, they do not prevent you from reaching your goals.  They do not present this word “can’t”.  If anything, challenging circumstances present “how”?  Are you living a life with ZERO LIMITS?  If not, how can you?


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