Something is missing.

With guidance, you’ll find it.

Everyone thinks you have it all – except you, but you don’t say that part out loud.

It’s shocking when we learn that success doesn’t bring happiness.
When others think you lead the perfect life, it’s easy to shame yourself by thinking you lack gratitude. After all, others have less than you, right?

Wrong. That sort of thinking is a downward spiral. The truth is, gratitude doesn’t make you happy either, not when you yearn for something.

Wanting more feels selfish. But it’s not. It’s human.

The trouble is, we often don’t know what we truly want. High-achieving people often measure their lives by accomplishments and provable results, so chasing goals is what we do.

Somewhere along the way, though, each of us realizes we are not our career, we are not our trophies. We’re more, somehow. But “more” how? Something’s missing… but what?

On paper, you did everything right, so why does it feel wrong?

If success seems like a moving goalpost, that’s because it is. When you meet one goal, it’s natural to set another. After all, wanting more isn’t greedy, it’s human. It’s what we do. We aspire.

Even if you achieve every goal you set, you may feel unfulfilled, rudderless, or lost. It may feel as though you’ve squandered your time or purpose, because you followed the gameplan and it was supposed to feel different — better — than this.

Your default is to recalibrate by setting a new goal. You tell yourself fulfillment will come when you’ve climbed just one more rung on that ladder of success.

But fulfillment isn’t about ticking off goals. It’s a matter of perspective. A new perspective will radically change how you navigate the journey ahead of you.

It did for me. I found myself in that same place when my success left me wondering, “Is that it? Is this what I fought for?”

Don’t get me wrong, I loved my life. But I couldn’t shake that “something’s missing” sensation — not until I did the work to discover that my something was actually someone — a new me, a new way I needed to see my world and my accomplishments.

Success has changed you. That’s unavoidable, and it’s a good thing. But processing that may feel like the person you were once conflicts with who you are now, and the person you always hoped to be.

That’s where I come in.

I help high-performing people objectively reframe their lives and aspirations. That transformation happens differently for each person I work with.

Realizing that something’s missing is your starting point. You don’t need to know the something, or what “more” means to you.

That’s where our work begins.

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