What’s missing isn’t out there.
It’s in you.

With guidance, you’ll find it.

We’re Designed to Want More.

I know the tenacity and drive required to excel. I know how it feels to choose success daily. I also know how burdensome that choice becomes.
That drive is a blessing and a curse.

My job is to help you understand why that drive once propelled you but now threatens to derail you, and how you can use that momentum to benefit other areas of your life.

Your drive and tenacity aren’t failings — they’re human evolution at work. Biology designed us to survive and be the best hunter-gatherers, not to seek happiness or contentment.

We have evolved, but our primal programming still calls the shots, driving us to constantly search for success and security. Overcoming these evolutionary habits can be the biggest, longest, and hardest lesson we ever learn.

I’ve Been There, I Know.

Knowing how great my clients’ transformations can be is why I love helping them to reconcile who they were and the person they long to be. There are no cookie-cutter solutions or tried-and-true exercises that’ll get you there quickly. Your personal development isn’t a one-size-fits-all t-shirt.

What made you who you are is different from anyone else. What’ll take you to the next level is unique to you as well, and that’s where my expertise lies.

It’s a weird headspace when success is unfulfilling, but I’ve been there. Guilt and shame crippled me when my achievements left me feeling incomplete. I’d fought so hard for corporate success that it waylaid me when it felt so wrong.

When I met Bob Proctor, he taught me to reframe how I saw myself and my accomplishments. It changed everything. In the two decades since, I’ve honed those lessons and tempered them with my life experiences. Now I share them with clients who are in that same dark, weird place I once found myself in.

Others may find my story similar to theirs. I was raised by a hardworking immigrant single mom. With three younger siblings, and an example to set for them, coasting through school was never an option. Education was everything in our home, and I was the first in my family to get a university degree. But my successes were tinted with that immigrant-upbringing humility — my success was, I believed, because I was coachable, hard-working, and able to meet others’ expectations. After all, those were the mantras I heard in our humble home with our earnest mom pushing us kids to believe we could be as good as anyone else, if we worked for it.

No matter how big my accomplishments, my mindset was that I was not exceptional or talented, just diligent. Later, reframing my perspective helped me see that my success wasn’t guided by some mysterious “out there” force clearing the path for me — I created my success from the inside out. I learned I held the power to create the life I wanted, but I had to reimagine what my dreams could be if only my perfection-driven mentality stopped holding me back.

For over 15 years now, I’ve run my own six-figure business. I started out by learning from the great Bob Proctor, then spent years travelling the world as a speaker and working with high-achieving clients of all kinds. As a student of therapy and a believer in life coaching, I combine these disciplines in an approach that both challenges and supports my clients while I help them unpack their desires, motivations, and possibilities.

Becoming ourselves is a life-long project. As our experiences grow and expand, we must too. You can’t do that in a vacuum. You need outside objectivity, someone who can be your trusted confidante, who creates a space where you can let down your guard and gain support, mentorship, and wisdom.

That’s what I provide for my clients. I strongly believe that an hour-long conversation between us can change your life in quietly profound ways, where a simple “a-ha!” can unlock game-changing truths. Whether you choose to work with me afterwards or not, I genuinely want you to leave our conversation feeling full of new insights and inspiration.

Give me an hour and I’ll give you a conversation to remember.

Fulfillment is Possible –
It Starts Here.

If you’re wondering why “something’s missing” after all you’ve done to achieve your dreams, then I can help you find your answers and your truth.

My truth is that this is my calling. Helping people uncover insights about themselves, finding a new perspective to guide their future — these are opportunities I’m grateful for every day.

I understand that this is a deeply personal journey, so I offer a no-obligation one-hour consultation to help you decide whether I’m the right person to take that journey with. No matter how that turns out, I will cherish the opportunity to help you reframe your perspective, if even only for an hour.

Whether we take that journey together or not, my goal is to help you see that you’ve always been on the right path and that it’s led you where you need to be. If you choose to work with me, then we’ll make sure your path takes you where you really want to go.

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