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  • Being Perfect

    Posted on by Heather

    A+ There’s no question, I’m a perfectionist. In theory, I’d love to say I’m reformed, but, that would be a lie. I’m better, that’s for sure. (I no longer use q-tips when cleaning my house) but I’m far from reformed. In so many ways perfectionism serves me. It allows me to blow my competitors out of the park. I exceed expectations, all the time, that’s MY M.O. Always has been. But as I continue to grow and develop in both my personal and professional life, I must continue to recognize that excellent standards can continue to be upheld, even without MY finger in every pie. And yes, relinquishing control can be challenging, at best, for me.

    As usual the same major theme is present:

    Fear – is fear ever not a factor? Fear of letting go. Fear of losing business if things aren’t done to my standards. If I don’t do the work will my staff uphold my standards? Does my customer trust me? Can I get it done? Blah, blah, blah

    So here’s my compromise with myself. I can be perfect. Perfect in my communication with my staff about what I want and how I want things to be done. Perfect in my communication with clients and other stake holders about potential shifts in responsibility. Perfect in my measurements so that I can adjust course as I go and when necessary. Perfect in giving myself permission to…let go…

    Who said ‘growing’ up was easy – lol?!?

    All the best,


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