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    Have the courage to do it your way.

    Do you ever get tired of the ‘how successful people do it’ articles and blogs that flood your Facebook reel? Maybe I’m just having a cynical day (it happens, gasp!) but I find these posts somewhat patronizing.
    First of all, if I really wanted to, I could get up at 5am. But I don’t. Also, I […]

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    Slinging Beers To Pay The Bills

    I can trace it back to the exact day. I had just come back from a local pub, where I had dropped off my resume. This was one of my lowest days, and yet it was also one of the most liberating days. I was broke. (I can admit that now.) I was desperate. I […]

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    Feel Fresh When Fall Arrives

    For sun-worshipers, like myself, the summer we’ve had on the west coast has been spectacular. In fact, not a drop of rain fell on Vancouver in all of July! But sunny summer days can make for a bit of a rude awakening when the cooler breeze of autumn hits and the realities of that ‘back […]

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    Bumper bars help dreams come true

    I recently gave a speech to a couple of hundred people and at the end there was time for Q&A. One of the audience members asked me:
    Do you think everyone needs a Life Coach?
    My answer:
    And ever since that moment, I’ve not been able to shake a little niggly that I felt when I said that. […]

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    Contrast gives you clues

    As business owners, entrepreneurs, and service providers it’s crucial that we give contemplation to whom we are best suited to serve. Without clarity on this, what many would call your ideal client profile, we leak energy by missing the mark, whether it be ever so slightly or all together. We spend time convincing people of […]

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    I won the lottery!

    Ok, well not exactly, but kinda – let me explain…
    For the past decade I’ve been blessed to have a few mentors whom have guided me with their sage advice and wisdom. It’s not always the ‘formal’ meetings that have the most impact, but more often it’s that little ‘nugget’ they slip in right before you […]

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    Overwhelmed? Do a brain dump

    The best thing to do when you’re mentally overwhelmed and you feel a sense that there’s too much to do, so many people waiting for you to respond, things you sense you’re forgetting….
    Deep breath.
    One more.
    Write it all down. All of it. Dump it out of your brain. Put it down on paper. Don’t stop until […]

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    Behind the wizard of oz curtain

    Over the summer I had the honour of interviewing 10 incredible entrepreneurs for EntrepreneursTV.
    I wanted to pull back the curtain and bring you real life stories from these tour-de-force success stories. My guests were candid and honest – making the content not only helpful and informative but more importantly inspiring.
    Hear stories about:

    stepping down as CEO
    moving home […]

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    Entrepreneurs TV – Cameron Laker of Minefield Group

    [ July 10, 2012; 9:30 am to 10:30 am. ] Cameron Laker is the CEO and Founder of MindField Group, a recruitment solutions firm for the Canadian Retail Industry that was ranked the 8th fastest growing company in Canada in 2008 by Profit Magazine. He is recognized as an expert in how retailers leverage technology, process and social media to recruit talent. Cameron has developed […]

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