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    100% responsibility means no excuses

    But it doesn’t mean no compassion.  It means within you, you have the ability to respond.  But in my experience, the harsh, disciplinarian voice that bullies you into action is not inspired – it’s willed.  And sure, sometimes you do have act when you’re not quite ready, but for the most part, we’re achieving when […]

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    Celebrate how far you’ve come

    Our culture is so focussed on the pursuit. Striving. Where are you going next? What’s your next big goal? What are the next steps?
    Nothing wrong with that, except for the fact that there’s really little or no emphasis on celebrating how far you’ve come. When I focus on the book I haven’t finished writing – […]

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    7 ways to put a big ol’ smile on your face

    Hit the swing set. Swing as high as possible, so high you shriek with delight/fear.
    Lazy river at the pool. Grab a noodle and sail into the mystic.
    Jump right into the middle of the puddle. (Running jumps get extra points)
    Snow angel! Do it.
    Dance party. (Solo is TOTALLY acceptable. No need to be a dancing queen, just […]

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    11 ways to keep calm so you can carry on

    1. Come from love.
    2. Go to bed before midnight.
    3. Make your bed when you get up.
    4. Drink a s*&t-load of water.
    5. Eat breakfast.
    6. Meditate.
    7. Breathe.
    8. Be honest.
    9. Experience and express gratitude.
    10. Arrive early.
    11. Play.
    Tweet#call_to_action h4{padding:0px 5px;}

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    To Live For: A spa for your soul

    If you’re open and willing, your soul will guide you to exactly where you need to be.
    In a room full of women I didn’t know, I met a tribe of soul sisters who would support my ascension; my personal and spiritual growth and light my spark in a new and very sparkly way.
    As someone who’s learning […]

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    To live for: sleep

    As a kid going to bed was my least favourite part of the day. As a teen I’d pretend to go to bed and then talk for hours on the phone hidden beneath the comforter of my bed. In early adulthood I would start projects at 11pm and stay up until the wee hours.
    It wasn’t […]

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    To Live For: Play

    I’m really good at taking life seriously. I remember my Life Coach asking me when we first met, “what do you do for fun?”. I was stumped. (That was after she informed me that going to the gym was not ‘for fun’.) Play, she explained, is something you do that has no agenda, no outcome, […]

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    To Live For: Freedom

    Is there anything more desirable to the human experience than total and ultimate freedom?
    Freedom drives me. It is my fuel. When I’m full on freedom I am firing on all cylinders. My thoughts are crystal clear. My feelings are crisp – right at the surface – completely palatable and real. I am fully alive, present […]

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    Sometimes the darkness IS the guiding light

    One of the best things that has ever happened to me is getting what I don’t want.
    First it sucks. I go back to that old but very familiar place: Victim. Why, why, why questions. Then some when questions. (Wrong questions!) I suffer. Sometimes a lot. Sometimes a little. Depends on how ‘awake’ I am. How […]

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