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  • Close your eyes and IMAGINE…

    Posted on by Heather

    As a little girl I was one of those ‘teacher’s pet’, ‘goodie two shoes’ type. I did exactly what I was told, followed instructions to a tee and let’s face it over excelled whenever I could. And though you might be thinking ‘I hated those kind of kids’ fear not, as I was also socially and personally aware of myself and my surroundings and made sure not to make other kids feel bad or as though they weren’t good enough. Instead I strived to make every and all situations pleasing and enjoyable for all involved. (A skill I think I picked up growing up with divorcing and eventually divorced parents.)

    In Kindergarten we were introduced to reading, a skill I had already mastered. At home every night in the bath I read Nancy Drew and The Hardy Boys novels, and when I was at school I pretended I had no idea how to even sound out a sentence. Why you ask? Simple. None of the other kids in my class knew how to read and so I didn’t want them to feel bad about themselves knowing that I did. I remember my Mum coming home from the parent/teacher interviews and getting grounded for ‘lying’ about being able to read – soo not fair! But, yet today I can’t tell a lie either, so all in all, another bonus for my character.

    As I look back on my overly analytical and logical little five year old mind I realize how little time I spent doing the ‘right’ brain kind of activities. Daydreaming, imagining, and building an imaginary life in my mind. Wishing and dreaming up elaborate and beautiful pictures of what life could be. Today that is a skill I work on developing everyday. Imagining and dreaming up what I want my life to look like. The kinds of things I want to see a part of it. The kinds of future aspirations I have for myself. The goals I wish to set and achieve.

    Don’t think of this as a waste of time, or pointless because you can’t see the ‘how’ of making your dreams come to fruition. Just enjoy those moments where you can close your eyes, and imagine….

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