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  • Collaboration is the Key

    Posted on by Heather

    I was recently interviewed for an upcoming article about female entrepreneurship, here’s one of their stellar questions and my response. I’d love to use this as a starting off point for a much needed conversation. Add your thoughts and comments please!

    What is the best way for women to support each other?

    My response:

    Stop competing and start collaborating.  Throw age, race, looks, experience etc. out the window – it doesn’t matter. The most important way to support each other is show up as your whole self, look to add value in an enthusiastic and passionate way and synergize with the other women (and men) in your life.  Gone are the days of having to ‘know it all’ (not that I’m sure that ever existed) and now we must be clear on what we have to offer and find others who offer complimentary knowledge, skill and service.  This is how we will grow to the next level. No more one upping each other, it’s about joining forces.

    Thanks to Lizzy Karp,Campus CEO and YWIB for this great question!!

    One Response to Collaboration is the Key

    1. Heather, I totally agree with your reply to that question. Collaboration is key to the success of anything that we achieve. Open, thoughtful, provocative communication that helps each individual to grow as an individual, in their business and personal lives! Great answer, thank you for sharing it.

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