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  • Dropping Deadlines & Digging Deeper

    Posted on by Heather

    I’ve been ‘writing a book’ for four years. And when I say ‘writing’ I’m not kidding around. I have 3 different outlines, notebooks FULL of pros, chapters complete, ideas mapped out – literally tens of thousands of words ready to go…. (and that’s not including the 300 blog posts, or 20+articles I’ve written for online & print magazines).

    And I could go to the place where this is a negative result, as in I haven’t been ‘disciplined’ enough to bring it to fruition, to finish the book, shop for an agent, make the decision between self publishing or traditional.

    However, I believe there’s a divine order to everything in life and as much as we’d love to ‘know’ or be in ‘control’ of that order, I just don’t think we are. Sometimes we have to surrender, let go, trust and see what happens.

    I think our primary job is to feel good, to channel good vibrations through our minds and bodies and most importantly, to CREATE.

    Julia Cameron has been one of my greatest mentors when it comes to creating and writing. It was Julia who first introduced me to the idea that I would be far better served to write, simply for the love of writing, than to write with the end goal of a published book in mind. And though this may sound frivolous to some, let me assure you that to the creative process, this attitude opens a door to a deeper, more enriched experience. In fact, I write a lot of the time knowing that no one will ever see the work. (I go as far as destroying these pages.) For me, writing is sacred, it’s a meeting with the divine, a conversation with the wisest part of myself, a connection with my soul.

    There’s no question that I will have a published book sometime in this lifetime. But for now, I’ve let go of the timeline; I have no deadline. This new sense of freedom I’ve offered myself seems to have opened yet another layer for me and I’m writing now more than I ever have.

    If you’re feeling trapped by trying to control the timeline of your life, if you’ve promised yourself that you’re going to ‘get it done’ by a certain date, ask yourself: is it the end result that matters most to you, or the feeling you generate by way of creating as you go?

    What I’ve found is that by letting go, I FEEL more grounded, more connected and more creative than ever – and I’m curious to see where this new way takes me.

    In the meantime, to keep the disciplined part of myself appeased, I’m working through Danielle Laporte & Linda Siversten’s Your Big Beautiful Book Plan. This is an absolute STELLAR read with practical action steps, not to mention it’s chalk full of valuable, real life examples of others who have gone before, blazing the trail for us to follow. Did I mention, it includes REAL book proposals that landed REAL publishing deals!!!

    Happy Writing! Happy Creating! Happy Feeling!

    p.s. If you want to get your haute little hands on a copy of Your Big Beautiful Book Plan – click on the banner link down below on the sidebar to be taken to their page. And YES I am getting paid to recommend and spread the love of these two writing goddesses. xo


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