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  • Get Clear to Get Happy

    Posted on by Heather

    You’ve heard that saying ‘be careful what you wish for’? Normally the context is used to remind worriers about their negative thinking, but I’ve come to discover that it’s equally important to keep this in mind when you’re setting intentions and goals. Often times we ‘put stuff out there’ never expecting that it might actually happen. But then WAZAM it falls in to your life, usually when you’re not expecting it. The question now is, was it what you really wanted? Exactly what you wanted?

    I cannot stress how important it is to be specific, not to mention bold, when you’re putting your asks out in to the ether of the universe. Because even if you don’t believe it, chances are it’s on its way. When we shy away from being clear and asking for what we REALLY REALLY want, we end up getting a greyish version, somewhat close, but nowhere near the mark of our deepest desires.

    Today’s assignment is to go through your goals, your desires, your intentions and ask yourself:

    Is this EXACTLY what I want?

    Don’t worry, I’m doing it too.

    We are the ultimate co-creators. And our naturally ability to manifest in to form the desires of our heart is spectacular. There’s no need to be ‘humble’ in your ask, humility is an ego based way of thinking. Instead, sink in to the deep layers of your heart and from that space decide and declare in the most specific, detailed description: what is it that you really want.

    With love,

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