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  • Goal Setting – Mandatory

    Posted on by Heather

    This one’s for Amelia….

    Not setting goals is like leaving for a three day road trip with no map.  Goals set you up for success because they allow you to plot the course and measure your progress as you move forward.  By having goals you are more likely to spot opportunities that may have otherwise passed you by because you are “tuned in” to the good you desire in life.

    There are many options when it comes to sitting down and setting goals.  But, let me be clear, there are some mandatory considersations in order for goals to tangibly improve the results in your life.

    First, you have to be specific about what it is that you want.  For example, if you said you wanted more money, I could pull a penny out of my pocket, give it to you and voila you now have more money.  Now, was that really what you wanted?  I doubt it.  So, make sure when you are setting your goals you are specific, beyond misinterpretation.

    Second, make sure your goals are YOURS.  Don’t set goals for you parents, teachers, spouse or friends because you will not have the necessary commitment to see them through to fruition.  Goals require perserverence and if you are not wholly committed to your goal, because it’s really someone else’s goal for you, you will abandon ship at the first sign of adversity.  Ensure every goal you set is something YOU truly want to achieve.

    Third, make sure you read your goals to yourself often – I suggest a minimum of twice a day.  You want to constantly have your goals in the front of your mind.  This will enable you to have clarity when faced with the day to day decisions that need to be made.  Furthermore, having your goals present in your conscious mind will keep you focussed on what it is that you really want.

    One last point, you cannot have what you’ve never had if you’re not willing to do what you’ve never done.  Goals are in place to help us grow as individuals.  You cannot achieve new goals in your life if you are not willing to do new things.  And yes, sometimes you will be scared or apprehensive – this is a good thing.  The nervous feeling in the pit of your stomach is a sign that you are about to step out of your comfort zone and grow.  Go with it.  Trust me, the rewards are well worth it!

    2 Responses to Goal Setting – Mandatory

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    2. The number of times that I have had the intention of setting goals and not carried through is to many to count. this year, I have spent time and energy writing out what I want and also some of the baby steps to take to get there. I feel more confident that 2011 will be a banner year. Looking forward to synergies and excitement as the year unfolds.
      Much love

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