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  • Have the courage to do it your way.

    Posted on by admin

    Be the First!Do you ever get tired of the ‘how successful people do it’ articles and blogs that flood your Facebook reel? Maybe I’m just having a cynical day (it happens, gasp!) but I find these posts somewhat patronizing.

    First of all, if I really wanted to, I could get up at 5am. But I don’t. Also, I suck at 5am, just ask my husband. I don’t belong out of bed at that hour. However, from time to time, like when my step-dad was dying of cancer, I got up in the 5’s so I could make breakfast for my brothers and drive them to school. It’s doable, when it needs to be done.

    Don’t get me wrong, some people thrive at 5am and if that’s you, go for it!

    Here’s my stance. You are you-nique and so is your definition of success. Start there.

    Then again, may I reiterate, you are you-nique and so will be your success plan. It may involve a 5am wake-up call, it may not. Have the courage to go inside yourself, seek the True answers to the questions you have about your optimal way of living and functioning in your life. Furthermore, have the courage to follow that inner guidance.

    In closing, may I say, have the courage to do it your way.

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