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  • I won the lottery!

    Posted on by Heather

    Ok, well not exactly, but kinda – let me explain…

    For the past decade I’ve been blessed to have a few mentors whom have guided me with their sage advice and wisdom. It’s not always the ‘formal’ meetings that have the most impact, but more often it’s that little ‘nugget’ they slip in right before you hang up the line that lingers on your mind for months, and years. That’s what happened to me when Len said: well, you can’t win if you don’t buy a ticket. Hence the lottery subject line.

    It’s true. You can’t expect to win, if you’re not in the game. And it goes for asking too; if you don’t ask the answer is always no.

    But jumping into the game can be hard. It requires us to be vulnerable and open and that requires courage. You have to be willing to lose in order to play – it’s the pre-requisite. And  I can tell you that I’ve lost as many times as I’ve won, but I wouldn’t trade any of those stingers for the wins that have come my way, especially this most recent one.

    So here’s what happened:

    I fell in love with The Daily Love when Maria first sent it my way. Confession – my first thought was, why didn’t I think of this?!? That’s how deeply it resonated. If you don’t know, The Daily Love is a beautiful place online for you to love and be loved. Check it out – it’s Divine! After I got over myself, my second thought was, I would love to contribute to this site. But how…?

    Then it dawned on me: I could ask Danielle…

    Following that thought came the natural reactions when you contemplate getting in the game. Doubt. Worry. Fear. What if….she thinks I’m abusing our relationship? What if….she says no? What if…..they don’t want me? What if…? What if….? What if….?

    Then I thought of Len. And I quickly turned down my inner doubter and decided:

    I’m gonna buy a ticket to this TDL lottery and see what happens, who knows, maybe it’s a winner?!?

    I took a deep breath, summoned all my courage and sent this email:

    Hey D,

    I would love an opportunity to guest post on The Daily Love. (More self-love for high achievers makes the universe lighter and brighter:) Of course, I take no as graciously as yes. But I also know if I don’t buy a ticket, I’ll never win.


    Like a puppy that’s rolled over with their belly exposed, I vulnerably ask if you’d be willing to make an introduction or connection?

    And goes without saying, but I’m gonna say it anyway: what can I do for you?

    Lots of love,



    A month went by, no response, nothing happened. And then, I got this:


    Mastin, meet Heather White. She’s a hot-shot success coach in Vancouver.

    Heather, g’head and tell Mastin how you want to give your love to The Daily Love.

    Take it away,

    Love Danielle.


    I’ll save the long version of all the goings on in between and just skip right to the CHERRY on top.

    My debut article was published on The Daily Love last Sunday. Ta da!!


    Click on through the link above and let me know what you think about small shifts vs. big leaps.

    And for you, I have a challenge: This week, I double dog dare ya to ask the question, buy the ticket, get in the game. Who know’s it might just be a winner!

    4 Responses to I won the lottery!

    1. Gloria Lorenz says:

      Way to BE ,Heather ***
      Gloria Lorenz

    2. Len Bykowski says:

      Thanks…You are a great listener and a great mind

    3. Ask….you have a 50 50 chance….well done H…way to ask! Congrats on a great article too

    4. Great post! That’s so true, you can’t win unless you buy a ticket.I always found that when you actually do it,it’s so much easier than you thought. Looking forward to reading your post in The Daily Love. With much joy, Kucki

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