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  • “If you’re not struggling, there’s no point”

    Posted on by Heather

    Pink Gerbera  growing on crack in old asphalt pavementIt was the middle of a conditioning and balance class at the gym when my instructor uttered  these words. They hit me, right in the chest. Such profound truth and wisdom. She meant that if we weren’t losing our balance at every moment and working to regain it, then we were gaining no benefit from our training.

    But, I couldn’t help but see how poignantly the concept related to life.

    My first thought was how much we resist the struggle. Human beings hate struggle. We run. We hide. We numb. We bandaid. We distract. We look away.

    But, if we were willing to look closely, our resistance to struggle, creates another kind of struggle. Not one that benefits our training, but one that stints our growth.

    What if we leaned into the struggle? Worked with it? Saw it as a training aid? A vehicle for growth? A pathway to becoming who we’re craving to be?

    What if struggling is the point?

    p.s. Struggling doesn’t have to equal suffering.

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