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  • I’m not against gratitude journals

    Posted on by Heather

    Actually, I have one. At the back of my dream journal (a suggestion from a spiritual teacher Amy Oscar) I give thanks before I go to bed. I love the process because it allows me to scan the day and recollect all the various moments. I can quickly see (when I have 3 hour time gaps and no memories) where I was lost in my mind and thoughts. It allows me to relish in the moments of pure joy and love. And it allows me to reflect on those, oh not so precious moments, where I see clearly when I’ve gotten stuck in my ego game and why. (I’m so grateful for that perspective.) I thoroughly enjoy bathing my aura in gratitude before I drift off to dreamland.


    It hurts my heart when I hear people speak of how they ‘should’ start a gratitude journal. It’s not about a gratitude journal!! It’s about the energetic code carried within the feeling of gratitude. It’s not about being a good little human, doing their gratitude journal. It’s about raising your energy, your consciousness so that you are part of the evolution of everything.

    There’s no question that BEing grateful, authentically, genuinely grateful will raise your vibe. But adding another thing ‘to do’, just because you think it’s what you should do, won’t get you there.

    No one’s coming around to check your gratitude journal. Do it, don’t do it – whatever works. But if you want to enjoy the beauty that gratitude offers your life…

    Just BE grateful.

    2 Responses to I’m not against gratitude journals

    1. “Just BE grateful.” Beautiful, Heather! So true! xo

    2. That in’tghiss perfect for what I need. Thanks!

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