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  • Melody or Note? You choose.

    Posted on by Heather


    Life is a series of moments strung together. From the big picture looking in, it’s a beautiful melody, like a warm riff from a guitar. Segmented up into snippets of one note here, another note there, and you feel a harshness; the absence of fluidity.

    But that’s the challenge life offers us. The whole game and dance is designed as an invitation, asking you which level do you want to experience it at? What channel will you watch from? The decision to abandon the known, albeit jerky and clunky feeling, note by note perspective, in expansion toward the much more open, and inclusive experience of a melody, is one of the scariest ‘yeses’ a human will utter.

    Most won’t let go. But you will. You are. Like a bandaid slowly pulling hair by hair from your arm as it lifts away, you are letting go. The pain of those hairs is amplified as you slow down the process that is unfolding, by resisting, changing your mind and rethinking your yes.

    I urge you to surrender, to listen and to let this process unfold. The beauty that has the potential to bloom is vast, abundant and intoxicating. Let it in. Like premium fuel, until you have it in your vehicle, it’s hard to comprehend why it costs so much more. But once you drive with it in, you’ll never go back.

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