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  • Miss What?

    Posted on by Heather

    Recently I spent some time with my four year old nephew, probably the cutest little guy in the entire world. He’s so enthusiastic and excited all the time and I can’t help but feed off his energy when I’m around him. One thing I noticed when I was hanging with him was that he never wanted to miss anything.  He didn’t even like to leave the room to go to the washroom because; what if he missed something?  This was an interesting lesson for me.

    I’ve known for the last little while that I need to take a break from work.  It’s just a feeling that I get when I know it’s time.  But, when I was working in corporate sales, taking holidays wasn’t as difficult because I always had someone cover me. (not to mention I got paid holidays)  When you’re an entrepreneur and own your own business, it’s not as easy to walk away.  What if I miss an important email or phone call.  What if they finally call to tell me I’ve been selected for the RFP I recently submitted?

    After much contemplation I came up with some other questions that seemed to really help put things in perspective for me.

    What quality time will I miss with my family and friends if all I do is work?

    What kind of an example am I setting for my clients?

    What damage am I doing to my health if I don’t incorporate a rest?

    How much more productive will I be in all areas of my life after taking a break and giving myself a chance to recharge?

    Taking breaks is a necessity for living life to the fullest.  If you never put gas in your car, it would eventually stop running.  If you never bought groceries, you’d eventually have no food.  If you never slept you’d eventually go crazy.

    I’m so glad that I was able to learn such a valuable lesson from a four year old.


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    1. Last year my uncle said to me “No one ever sat in their death bed and said, “I wish I’d worked more”. I remind myself of this all the time now and pass those words on whenever I talk to another self-confessed workaholic because it is so true. Life is too short to work through it without enjoying its true rewards.

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