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  • Obstacles are Rabbit Holes for Personal Growth

    Posted on by Heather

    The other night I was giving a talk on personal branding. And I guess, in being objective, one might take me at first glance as being a bit of a Pollyanna. I mean, I am an optimist – no question. I do believe everything in life has a purpose – even the really shitty stuff and when tragedy enters my life, I work (and I write) until I get the answers that I need and desire, about why.

    So during the Q&A portion one gal raised her hand and said “this is all nice and everything, but what about obstacles…?”

    Oh yes – great question!

    Now cutting myself a little slack, in a 20 minute talk I have to be selective about what points I’m going to make, however, it was good insight for me that my talk was all “nice”. Because let’s face it, from our human perspective, life simply isn’t always nice.

    My acronym for life is:

    Lessons – In – Fucking – Everything

    It’s university for the soul. And our soul isn’t interested in theory – it craves experience. Furthermore, the soul carries no judgement. That whole: good vs. bad/ obstacle vs. ease/ light vs. dark  – that doesn’t come from the soul, the soul sees everything as an experience – it just is.

    Now I don’t claim to be the keeper of all wisdom, nor do I believe I know it all. But here’s what I’ve learned so far.

    Obstacles have been strategically placed right in your path by your soul.

    Their purpose is your evolution.

    Your evolution occurs when you walk forward, straight in to the obstacle. When you feel all the emotions the obstacle has the ability to bring up in you. And just when you think you can’t take it, like you want to run back, like the pain of the feelings are too much – you see the light, the opening, the other side.

    Obstacles are rabbit holes for your personal growth and on the other side is a new WONDERLAND.

    So buckle up, lean in and know in your heart – you CAN handle it.

    See you on the other side….



    4 Responses to Obstacles are Rabbit Holes for Personal Growth

    1. was having this conversation this weekend. Challenge yourself to to fight through the fear of it and believe you’ll find the reward in the growth. Tough to see until you are on the other side of the pile though

    2. Hey Shannon – absolutely true. The ‘in-between’, the dark/scary part of the obstacle can be challenging to endure. Having a knowing that you bring the light, right from the inside of your essence, and reaching out for the helping hands in both the etheric and 3rd dimensional worlds will provide the flowing energy to allow you to move through. Thanks so much for your comment. xo

    3. I agree that our obstacles are where we can find clues to where we will be able to grow. Your advice to go into it, feel it completely, and see what you can get from it is not easy. It takes courage. But after allowing yourself to feel the pain or fear or distraction enough times, you sort of get use to it. Then you can really begin to work with it.

      Best wishes,

    4. Thanks Jim for your comment. 100% agree. It’s not at all easy and yes requires courage.There’s a quote that courage is the judgement that something else is more important than your fear – something like that – and that was my experience for sure. When it became more important to grow, evolve and move ahead in my life, my courage grew in strength. I use tools such as Psych-K & EFT and of course writing in respect to working with the emotions. Do you have other tools you recommend? Warmly, Heather

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