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  • Strategies for ending the madness of overthinking

    Posted on by admin

    Meditating In Old TempleAre you done with overthinking things? Do you crave the clarity and conviction to make a decision and go forward with it? Are you sick and tired of the stressful feelings that ensue when you obsess over something in your mind?

    Yeah! I thought so.

    You know there’s that definition of insanity right? The one about doing the same thing over and over and yet wanting the results to look differently? I think it was Einstein who brought this nugget of wisdom to our attention. He was a pretty smart dude. So what the heck – what’s going on??

    Consider this: You’re not really thinking. You’re listening.

    When you take a step back and check this out you’ll realize I’m right. When you’re trapped inside this loop of obsessive overthinking, where is the origination of your thought? I bet if you go digging along that thread, you’ll find some little small voice behind a Wizard of Oz curtain in your mind, doing nothing but pushing play on an old cassette player. All those thoughts about, ‘oh my gosh what about this, and what if that happens and what about blah blah blah, and, and, and’ – go find the originator of these so called thoughts, I dare you.

    Why? Because they aren’t thoughts. They are tapes. Tapes playing in your mind. Tapes of old tunes that create bad feelings in your body. Tapes that are robbing you of your natural, creative, problem solving abilities. Tapes that hold you captive to the false idea that you’re doing something about your problems, challenges, life.

    So let’s stop this madness, shall we?

    Here’s a few things you CAN DO that I promise you, despite the resistance you feel at the thought of doing them, will actually get you where you want to go, toward solution, toward clarity, toward action. Ready?

    Caution: These activities are known to quiet the voice of your fear, build inner confidence and leave you feeling more free and joyful.

    1. Meditate. And no, you do not have to sit in the lotus position for 30 hours a day in a cave. Meditation, quite simply is a practice of training your mind. It’s your mind that’s causing all the problems, so here’s an idea, take back your power, and start practicing being the boss lady instead of the slave. There’s thousands of ways to engage in meditation. From walking meditations, to guided meditations, to sitting meditations to breathing meditations. Trust me when I tell you, if you’re serious and you want to get in the driver’s seat of your life and you’re willing to try meditation – the right method will come forward to guide you. When the student is ready, the teacher appears.
    2. Write it out. When those thoughts are swirling around in your mind, out of control, just sit down with a pen and paper and start writing it all down. Get it out. All your fears, worries, etc. Keep going until you don’t have another thought to document. Now you’ve got something real to work with. Go through and pick out the 1 thing that you’re worried about that you CAN do something about, and DO THAT thing. Then tackle something else. Then repeat again.
    3. Move your body. Hit the mat. Go for a walk. Jog it out. Can’t get out of the house? Sleeping baby? Go walk up and down the stairs. Do some lunges in your living room. Sit ups. Push ups. Run on the spot. Just move your body. Why? First of all, to dilute some of the cortisol that’s been flooding your system with all your stressed out thinking. Second, to hit you with some endorphins and make you feel better. Then, guess what? New ideas come into your consciousness. New ideas that will help you move forward, not hold you hostage.
    4. Mantra. The term comes from Sanskrit and means a sacred utterance. Isn’t that just a beautiful thought all in itself. A sacred utterance…yum! Here’s the long and short of it, a Mantra is something you CHOOSE to think/say. Knowing that these words are generating something sacred within you. Reminding you of the truth and overriding that annoying outdated tape recording that is so not helping you. Pick something. Something short. Something sweet. Something sacred. So that when that overthinking tape starts playing, you have something counteractive to activate.

    Some key things to consider:

    You will resist new ideas. Do them anyway.

    You might not have an earth shattering idea from your inner enlightenment, it might be a simple, practical but very applicable thought. (For example, once in meditation I was asking for guidance on what to do with my tax bill that I couldn’t pay. The response I got: Call them. So I did, and boy did that help me squash that obsessive worrying I have been doing for weeks.)

    You want different results, right? So let’s try something different.

    “We cannot solve out problems with the same thinking that created them.” – Albert Einstein

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