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    Stop & Try Something Different

    Taking responsibility for your life is no easy task. And amongst everything it requires of us, courage is the most important quality to embrace. Often times, even in my own life, when I notice I’m out of balance or not in alignment, I will first attempt to ignore the brick wall I just ran right […]

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    Breathe Deeply

    It’s no coincidence that we enter this life with our first breath and leave it with our last.  However, if you’re anything like me, breathing has often taken a subconscious back seat in the day to day busyness of life.  Lately though, I’ve become much more conscious of breathing and it’s ability to ground me […]

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    Putting your oxygen mask on first – the importance of breathing.

    It may be hard to imagine that buried within a five minute airline safety demonstration, lies one of life’s most valuable lessons.  “If you are traveling with small children or someone who may require your assistance, please ensure you put your oxygen mask on first and breathe normally, before helping those around you”.  If you’re […]

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