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    Square Peg – Square Hole

    Doing business can be easy – if we let it.
    When I finally made the leap into entrepreneurism, my biggest hurdle was getting my head around the fact that I could choose my customers. I was so used to being in service, bending over backwards, literally doing any thing and everything that I could to keep […]

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    Being Present

    I remember attending a seminar last year and the facilitator said something profound that really got me thinking.  He was talking about how often we are absent from the present.  Here we were sitting in the seminar, approaching the noon hour, and he asked us, “how many of you guys are thinking about what you’re […]

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    Inner Guidance System

    We all have an amazing inner guidance system that speaks to us in many different ways.  The challenge is that most of us do not listen to it.  Let’s say for example that you wake up first thing in the morning with a headache.  Most of us, pop a tylenol, pour a coffee, jump in […]

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    How I Want To Be

    I was over at I Was Thinking, Heidi Hass Gable’s incredible blog, where she recently wrote a post about what she’s learning through her relationships and a line within her post caught my attention:
    How do I want to be?
    It’s an interesting question and one that has come up a lot lately, especially with the Eckart […]

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    Check This Out

    I recently met an amazing woman, Linda Lalonde, who has taken Personal Development and Growth to a new level. Instead of trying to sift through material on your own, looking for books, articles, seminars and workshops that speak to you and your journey, grab a coffee and visit her website: My Inspiration Place.
    You […]

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