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    Meditation = Healing & Healing = Miracles

    I’m often asked “how do you meditate?”. It’s an interesting question since for me meditating has much more to do with being than doing. When I meditate, I move from the role of ‘doer’ to the role of observer. I release the constant ‘thoughting’ (the never ending habitual thoughts that float on and off of […]

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    Put the Whip Away

    In my early 20’s I had a severe issue when it came to being hard on myself. Almost completely unaware of my complex, my only insight would come from concerned friends and family (and of course my Mum) when they would question my position and why on earth I was beating myself up so harshly. […]

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    Be Remarkable: Lessons from the Boardroom

    [ April 26, 2011; 6:30 pm to 9:00 pm. ] Climbing the corporate ladder can be daunting (even in your most fabulous pumps). I’ll be joining Y.E.S! Vancouver for their fourth annual signature speaker series event, where you’ll gain insight from some of Vancouver’s most inspired female business leaders. We’ll share our stories of success and failure, taking risks, negotiating […]

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