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    Meditation = Healing & Healing = Miracles

    I’m often asked “how do you meditate?”. It’s an interesting question since for me meditating has much more to do with being than doing. When I meditate, I move from the role of ‘doer’ to the role of observer. I release the constant ‘thoughting’ (the never ending habitual thoughts that float on and off of […]

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    Eckhart Tolle’s Paperwork Piles Up Too!!

    And he enjoys a beer once in a while, especially in the summer!
    I felt a collective sigh of relief when Eckhart Tolle, the reigning expert on staying present and relief from suffering in our everyday lives, said that YES, he too has paperwork and mail that piles up on his desk! It was an adorable […]

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    The Voice In Your Head

    We all have it; that voice, that tape that plays inside your head.  For some it’s constant and for others (those who have become more aware) it is controlled and monitored.  Have you considered lately what is the voice saying?  For the purposes of this blog I’d like you to consider what does the voice […]

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    Rainy Days

    For those who know me personally, it will come as no surprise to hear me say – I’m not a big fan of rain. That said, after spending months studying Eckart Tolle’s work I know better than to resist the present moment and instead accept it for what it is, as that will allow it […]

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    Putting your oxygen mask on first – the importance of breathing.

    It may be hard to imagine that buried within a five minute airline safety demonstration, lies one of life’s most valuable lessons.  “If you are traveling with small children or someone who may require your assistance, please ensure you put your oxygen mask on first and breathe normally, before helping those around you”.  If you’re […]

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    Time – A Commodity

    I was recently selected to speak at a couple of events this month on the topic of time management.  Time is an interesting concept.  It’s something that once past, we’ll never get back. It’s also somewhat of an illusion as our mind races around forever trying to keep us from experiencing the present moment.  What’s […]

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