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  • To Live For: Freedom

    Posted on by Heather

    Is there anything more desirable to the human experience than total and ultimate freedom?

    Freedom drives me. It is my fuel. When I’m full on freedom I am firing on all cylinders. My thoughts are crystal clear. My feelings are crisp – right at the surface – completely palatable and real. I am fully alive, present in the moment NOW.

    When freedom is absent, I work to escape the moment. I run, I hide, I duck and take cover. I blame and complain. I become the victim, a prisoner to my own mind. That is until I recognize my freedom is absent. And then right there, in that single moment, I am free once again. Awareness that freedom is absent is the shift in perspective that creates the space for it to re-enter.

    I recently had a conversation with two of the freest people I know. Danielle Laporte & Chris Guillebeau were in Vancouver talking about their latest books. I had a chance to interview them on behalf of EntrepreneursTV before they took the stage at the standing room only event. Here’s what they had to say about freedom…

    Chris Guillebeau + Danielle LaPorte – $100 Startup & Firestarter Sessions Vancouver Book Launch from Life & Times on Vimeo.

    2 Responses to To Live For: Freedom

    1. Love it! VERY timely reminder, honestly! Love you! xo

    2. Janice Martin says:

      Again, you have nailed it….Freedom is underated..and you have shone your kind light on it, which brought it to the forefront for me, today ……free your mind and the rest will follow…..

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