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  • Vision Boards

    Posted on by Heather

    A vision board is simply a pictorial representation of your own personal answers to the question: what do I want?  

    I’ve been successfully using vision boards for over four years and they have been incredibly helpful to keep me focussed on those things which are most important to me.  There is some scientific research to support the fact that having specific goals in your life and referencing them daily (have your vision board somewhere that you see it everyday) will enable you to recognize opportunities and therefore reach your goals more quickly and efficiently.  But, more than anything, creating a vision board is a lot of fun.  It’s an opportunity for you to be creative and to be bold.  So what if you can’t afford the car of your dreams today; go down to the dealership, get a brochure, sit in the car, smell it, touch it, get a photo of you in it and then put all the material up on your vision board.

    A vision board is an opportunity for you to remove the word “can’t” from your vocabulary and to go crazy as you answer the question: What do I want?

    What do you want to be? (doctor, lawyer, singer, base jumper, author, actor, golfer, police officer…)

    What do you want to do? (own your own business, travel the word for a year, enter a debating contest…)

    What do you want to have? (your dream car, dream home, a new guitar, a scooter….)

    What is stopping you from getting visual imagery of the things that you want most in your life, putting them up on a board and taking a look at them everyday?  If nothing else, it’s a “feel good” tool for you to reference daily and realize how many opportunities there are in this life.

    There are no “rules” when it comes to vision boards.  It’s a personal thing and it’s an opportunity for you to do what feels right to you.  I have vision boards all over.  I have large poster board types that hang in my office, I use scrapbooks that I carry with me; they even have an application on Facebook where you can create a vision board right on your profile.

    Be creative, don’t hold back.  Cut out pictures from magazines, include inspirational or motivational quotes that you like, you can print pictures off the internet that are of interest to you – it’s totally open ended.  The important thing is to DO it.  Just go out there, get yourself a poster board and make your first vision board today – you won’t regret it!!

    Check out: My Inspiration Place for reference materials that will inspire!

    2 Responses to Vision Boards

    1. Another timely blog post. Thank you! So glad I found it! Do keep us posted as you accomplish the many goals on your vision board!

    2. Hey Guacira, Thanks for your comment – that has inspired me to write a post in regards to your question. So much has happened, it’s hard to believe it, but, stay tuned for coming posts where I’ll share some specifics!! Yay!

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