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  • Warm Women Con't…

    Posted on by Heather

    As a follow up to the warm women piece I’d like to continue the discussion. Since writing the post, my own awareness has been heightened around the topic of women supporting one another. Earlier this morning I was chatting with a business acquaintance who happens to be male. After telling him a bit about what I do and how passionate I am about women supporting one another he was 100% on board. As a man in his 40’s and who has worked predominantly in Business and Entrepreneurship for most of his working years, he expressed his concern about how often women “stomp” on each other, instead of help each other.

    The context of our discussion was around the business world. In his experience he has observed countless times where a woman, in a position of authority, or higher up on the food chain has tried to sabotage an up and coming young woman. He commented that this was the exact opposite from the paradigm that men operate in. Men, he said, see it as a “gimme” if you are able to mentor and guide a young professional and bring them up to your level that you will automatically (almost by default) advance in your own career. In other words, your reward for sharing your knowledge and expertise will be promotion. He said women on the other hand appear to be threatened (FEAR BASED) by young women and often try to “hide” or “keep” things from them so that they will not have access to information that will allow them to grow and learn and advance in their careers.

    This is ridiculous, but, nevertheless very much a reality in the business setting.  This competitive model breeds insecurity and fear!  It’s the “there’s not enough” mindset instead of “there’s more than enough” or “abundance” mindset.  

    In a discussion with one of my mastermind groups around the topic, one of the points raised was that because many of the women in senior positions today had such an uphill climb to get where they are it “pains” them to give someone a helping hand.  Instead the thought is “I had to grind to get here so you should have to as well.”  I can completely understand where that is coming from, but, my question would be: who is that serving?  

    Women who are part of the generation that blazed the trail for equal rights, equal pay etc. and who lead by example, illustrating just how capable they are of having success should be proud of their work.  They should relish in what they’ve accomplished and rather than looking back to see who’s nipping at their heels, look forward and see what is the next piece?  How can they synergize their knowledge and experience with the fresh faces coming up the ranks to achieve results far beyond what’s occurring at present?

    Again, I ask of you, be a warm woman!

    I welcome your comments and discussion around this topic.

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    1. Women can and do support each other and if you want to see the absolute truth of that visit http://www.irishbusinesswomen.com a forum primarily for for Irish (but also some other) businesswomen. The whole ethos of the site is to provide mutual support and advice and the members do so in a spirit of true generosity.

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