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  • What do self-doubt, fear & procrastination have in common?

    Posted on by admin

    First of all, these 3 dark threads of the mind can work wonders when it comes to binding you hostage and holding you back from doing your best work in this lifetime. They are classic buzz kills that steal your inspiration and motivation and paralyze you from moving forward. They are also the most common road-blocks, challenges and barriers that people mention when you ask, “What’s holding you back from living your dream?”.

    Self-doubt, fear and procrastination, in a weird way are actually protection mechanisms enforced by your ego, and supported by your habituated mind. When you attempt to step out, stand up, grow and change in your life, there is a strong and underground resistance movement that does everything it can to stop you. As far as the ego is concerned, anything unknown is to be avoided for its obvious risk. Therefore, anything you attempt to do that you’ve not done before (the cornerstone of change) it will fight you tooth and nail to avoid. It’s coming from a good place. It wants to protect you, so finding a way to work with it is far more effective than a parking lot brawl.

    Step 1: Embrace your fear, self-doubt and procrastination. (In other words, embrace your ego.)

    No matter which one of these dark threads show up, get excited to see them. In and of themselves, they are signs of your progress. There’s no reason for your ego to move in to protection mode if it doesn’t sense you stretching beyond your comfort zone. This might sound crazy, but I suggest you celebrate when they arrive. Growth is on the horizon. Express gratitude to your ego for having your back and looking out for you.

    Step 2: Turn and face them.

    Resistance creates persistence, so turning towards them has an incredible way of putting them in their place. Kind of like the booming voice of the Wizard of Oz, go ahead and pull back the curtain and you’ll find that these 3 threads lose a whole lot of power. Put them in their place as informants, but don’t let them drive.

    Step 3: Gain some leverage.

    “Why?” is the most powerful question in the universe (just ask the parent of any 3 year old). But you need to be really tuned in to your why if you expect to be able to outgrow fear, doubt and procrastination. Sit down and write down at least 10 reasons why you must do this thing (whatever it may be). Get some power behind your actions. Then, look from the other side and write down what is it going to cost you if you don’t do it?

    Step 4: Decision time.

    Decide what you’re going to do, when you’re going to do it, and who’s going to hold you accountable to get it done?

    Step 5: Just do it.

    Watch the last 2 minutes of this Nike commercial for some inspiration:

    “If there is no struggle, there is no progress.” – Frederick Douglas

    You’ve got this!

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