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  • What I learned when I gave a speech online: An ‘Aha’ for A webinar newbie

    Posted on by Heather

    I’ve always wanted to work on television. Still hold that vision. Still set that intention.

    The true intention sounds more like “spread my message to as many people as whom want to receive it; where it will be of the highest good”,

    but the ‘human’, ‘ego’ side of me would TOTALLY love that to be expressed in my life as, well…me being on TV.


    Sitting in front of my computer, wearing pyjama bottoms… I did a speaking gig online tonight.

    Now I know what you might be thinking…”yesterday’s news”, but SERIOUSLY, in 4 1/2 years of working as a speaker, I have never delivered a speech via the internet before. (I’ve talked in to my webcam before & recorded it, but this was different.)

    The whole thing was an eyeopener for me.

    When it was all done, we were signed off & the last tweet was tweeted, I sat back and had an AHA moment. I got a strong message. It was something like this…

    Heather, you can do what you already do (Speaker/Teacher), online and guess what…:

    You don’t have to leave your house.

    You can wear pyjama bottoms and still maintain your ‘street cred’.

    Some people actually see more value & would be willing to pay more to come to a webinar & hear what you have to say, then to have to come in from out of town to get to a live event. 

    You’d be able to share real time information (website links, supporting documents, suggested reads etc.) INSTANTLY with your audience.

    You can be available to ANY market that has access to an internet connection or telephone  & wants to hear you speak. 

    *Um…..let’s just pause here, HEATHER, did you hear that last one?? 

    Yep, u-huh I got it. Aha moment had. Totally get it got it. Thank you Life! (LessonsInF$=**%Everything).

    Growth feels good.

    Full steam ahead.


    Lots of Love,


    Huge gratitude and love to Christine Pilkington & @EMomNowVan for being the angel on earth who delivered this opportunity for growth to me. 

    2 Responses to What I learned when I gave a speech online: An ‘Aha’ for A webinar newbie

    1. Loved your webinar “debut” last night, Heather! Thanks for your insightful words and direction. All the best in your new venture! Sigrid.

    2. Thanks Sigrid! It was a wonderful and synergistic evening! Great to finally meet you.

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